KT has introduced a new “prepaid Internet” plan designed for anyone looking for short-term Internet access in Korea.

This contract-free prepaid Internet plan is the first among all the national Internet providers throughout the country.

Users can choose several data speed options including 100 or 500 megabytes per second and up to 1 gigabyte per second.

The service automatically terminates at the end of the prepaid usage period. Discounts up to 45 percent are available for those who participate in the prepaid Internet plan through three, six or 12-month installments.

These different options can be of particular benefit to short-term employees or university students who expect to stay in Korea for only a year or less, for example.

Rates begin at 88,000 won for a three-month, 100 mb plan, with the maximum expense being 440,000 won for a 1 gb plan for a year. Additional charges such as installation and modem rentals are not included.

Information: global.gmarket.co.kr and search for “KT Internet.”