How to Wear Fitted Hats & Snapback Caps – The Ultimate Guide

Baseball caps are more than an item of necessity these days. They also reflect one’s style and the class they belong.

Whether you are a young child, adult, sportsperson, truck driver, or serviceman, everyone wears these hats.

For instance, they are an excellent option to cover your hair on a bad hair day.

You can wear baseball caps in different ways. For example, you can wear them casually or use them to level up your style game. It all depends upon the circumstances.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to wear fitted hats & snapback caps correctly.

What is a Fitted Hat?

When it comes to fitted hats, they do not feature any mechanism to adjust their size. They have closed backs and do not have any openings.

These hats are manufactured using stretchable fabric that can easily wrap around your head. Moreover, they are available in different sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

So, if you want the perfect fit, you should measure your head size with the hat size. Otherwise, you might end up buying a hat that is too loose or too fit.

What is a Snapback Cap?

Featuring a structured design and a flat peak, the snapback caps get their name due to the snap closure present at the back.

The closure at the back of the cap is adjustable so it can fit different head sizes. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all mechanism works with these caps.

While the cap is made of cotton, wool, or any other material, the snap is usually made of plastic.

So, if you want a baseball cap that is adjustable and fits different sizes, snapback caps are the perfect choice for you.

Tips for Wearing Fitted Hats & Snapback Caps Properly

There are certain things you need to remember while wearing a snapback or fitted cap. Let’s check them out below.

Get a Cap with a Good Fit

If you want a baseball cap that truly reflects your style and suits you, it is incredibly important that you get a cap with a good fit.

It should not be too tight to leave red marks on your forehead or give you a headache.

Moreover, it should also not feel too snug on your head. Otherwise, there is a chance that the hat will blow away in the wind.

Know the Material

Knowing the material of the cap is also an important factor to consider. For example, if your work involves staying outside a lot or you sweat a lot, you must opt for cotton caps. That’s because they are breathable.

On the other hand, if you plan to wear the cap in a cold environment, you should pick warmer materials such as suede or wool.

One more thing: if you want a cap to pair with a leather jacket, we would suggest not opting for a leather cap. It would be an overkill and would not look good at all.

The Brim Forward Is the Most Classic Way

There is no denying that wearing the baseball cap with the brim forward is the most classic way to wear it.

In this way, you can pair the cap with different outfits such as a casual hip-hop outfit or a formal suit.

However, if you do not keep the brim forward, you will not be able to pull off the formal look.

Do Not Wear the Cap Backward

A lot of people make the mistake of wearing their baseball caps backward thinking that it is in style.

What they fail to understand is it is not a good look and does not make them look stylish. In fact, wearing a cap backward looks quite outdated.

So, if the visor of the cap is not blocking your view or preventing you from completing any task, you must not wear it backward.

Do Not Wear It Sideways

Just as wearing the cap backward does not look stylish; wearing it sideways is out of fashion too.

While you may think you look cool wearing the cap sideways, you will only look outdated and dorky.

This style only looks good on toddlers and if you are reading this article, you are not a toddler for sure.

Do Not Bend the Peak

Bending the peak of the baseball caps looked stylish in the past but not anymore.

Since the fitted hats & snapback caps have a flat brim, they will not at all look good if you bend them. The look will just reflect clumsiness.

If you are habitual of bending the peaks of the caps, we would suggest you get a curved visor hat.

Less Is More

While some people might think that colorful graffiti-laden caps are in, this is not the case. These caps will soon lose their appeal and will only last for a season.

When it comes to baseball caps, you need to remember that less is always more.

For example, a plain black or a plain white cap will go a long way. They will never become outdated and you can wear them all year round.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your baseball cap clean is also pretty important or else there will be sweat patches all over it.

When it comes to cleaning the baseball caps, you must carefully read the label and wash them accordingly.

If the cap can be hand washed, we would suggest not washing it in the washing machine.

However, if it is extremely dirty, you can wash it in the machine too. But, make sure you dry it properly with the hand towel and not in the drier.

Otherwise, the cap will lose its structure and you will have to replace it.

Take Away

In conclusion, fitted hats & snapback caps are quite popular these days. For this reason, you see a vast population wearing them.

However, it is incredibly important that you wear them the correct way.

Otherwise, they will not look good at all and you will just make a fool of yourself.

So, the next time you want to wear these caps, make sure you go through the tips mentioned above.

In this way, you will not only look good but everyone around will notice you too.

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