How to Win Games Using Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger or Traxex, is one of the best-ranged heroes in the game. She has a lot of skills that can be used to keep her threats at bay and deal a lot of damage as well. As one of the best carries in the game, DR is a top pick among many players in the current meta of Dota 2.

DR is one of the powerful heroes that can turn the tide of any game. Her skills are useful at any point in the game and that makes her a reliable hero who can deliver big hits with her strong damage output and lift a whole team if a player does well.

Traxex is an agility hero who relies on her basic attacks and is seen as one of the best hitters in the game thanks to her passive ultimate. This gives her increased damage and added speed for her allies. While she lacks escape spells, one can use her whole skill set in both offense and defense, so this makes her flexible in the long run.

Most players today know how to play Drow Ranger, and even those who bet on Dota 2 games in Sportsbet esports markets believe that she is one of the ranger heroes that can serve as a multi-role hero in the game.

Know the best tactics for Drow Ranger

Most pro players play in the safe lane with support. Drow Ranger is fragile in the early game and this made it a key factor in building pace with the hero. Most users have seen success by farming by level 2 or 4 and going into the middle lane by level 7.

Since she is fragile in the early game, Drow Ranger has been one of the poor targets for ganking. This is why it is easy not to overpush in the lanes early in the game. This should help out any attempts to score an early tower crush in the game.

It is best to stay behind teammates and use them as a buffer. It is also advised to keep moving in most fights and let the bulkier allies deal with the enemies. At this point, Drow Ranger’s job is to just deal damage and land big blows against her enemies.

Master Drow Ranger’s skills for max power

Frost Arrows work best when she kites her enemies. Drow Ranger’s skill should be manually casted to draw out creeps or deal damage to many heroes. This move is known as orbwalking, and it is used by pros to conserve her mana pool as well.

Manual casts still count as an attack and it should be spared early in the game to prevent mana drain as well. There is also a need to land the perfect hit as this can be used well on escaping heroes. 

Gust is used to push enemies who get too close or escape tough spots. One can even see more of this skill used in strong battles such as a Roshan rush or a mid-clash. This is only Drow Ranger’s form of defense and it should be mastered at most times.

Multishot is mostly used in farming. This helps Drow get more hits on enemies at will. She can hit more than one hero at least three times with high damage using her cold arrows. This can also be used to nail multiple creeps at once, making it a top pick among players who have tried Sportsbet esports games as well.

Marksmanship is the best skill for Drow as it increases her range and accuracy at the same time. Even a single point in this skill will help her farm at a better pace. Levels 6, 12, and 18 are very important for her, and this is a must-have for her right away. This shows that her power relies on her range and damage, which is what every player should build on.


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