Intensive Inspection for Quarantine Rules for Restaurants and Cafes Scheduled for This Week

Since the city of Busan lowered the social distancing measures on February 15, there has continued to be an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases centered on restaurants and cafes due to the easing and extension of social distancing.

As cases about violating the quarantine regulations have increased, the city announced that it will conduct special day and night inspections to prevent the spread of local infection.

The city of Busan will mobilize more than 600 enforcement personnel, including cities, gus, and counties, consumer food hygiene supervisors, and business associations day and night from March 2 to 7 to 54,500 restaurants and cafes around the city.

Their plan is to intensively check whether the quarantine regulations are observed.

In particular, among the quarantine regulations, they will be checking for violations of the ban on the gathering of 5 or more people, whether workers or customers wear masks, making sure tables are properly distanced, and checking whether a customer list is in place.

In addition, if any one of the core quarantine rules is violated, the ‘One Strike Out System’ is thoroughly applied, which immediately issues a cease to open order to the business owner and a fine of up to 3,000,000 won or less.

The plan is to raise awareness about compliance with the quarantine regulations, such as imposing a penalty of 100,000 won on customers who also don’t comply with the measures.

In addition, the Food Promotion Fund plans to support part of the cost of installing partitions between tables, considering that it is difficult to keep a distance between small restaurants and cafes with a size of less than 50㎡.

“As there are many confirmed cases in restaurants and cafes, we urge citizens who use restaurants and cafes to follow the quarantine regulations. Please follow the core quarantine rules thoroughly to prevent them,” Busan Mayor Lee Byung-jin said.

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