International Destinations: Traveling Tips for Koreans Who Intend To Visit China

Traveling to China has always been the dream of many Koreans. Unfortunately, very few Koreans know how to plan a trip to China or where to visit.

China is described as one of the most interesting countries in the world. Being one the third-largest country in terms of territory, China has more than enough land space to provide every traveler — especially Koreans.

Also, China is one of the most ancient civilizations on earth together with the Babylonian, Mayan, and Egyptian empires. It boasts of a unique and attractive culture.

In this article, you will learn the travel tips for Koreans who intend to visit China.

Can Koreans Travel To China?

Although the Korea-China relationship seemed rocky in the past it is gradually easing out. This does not stop the citizens of Korea from traveling to China and vice versa. However, North Korea is considered the closest ally to China.

But North-Korean citizens do not have the liberty to move freely within their country and even travel abroad for that matter without explicit consent from their government. Unlike the North, South Koreans can travel to China.

What Koreans Need To Know Before Visiting China

As a Korean, there are a couple of things you need to know before visiting China. They include:

  • Apply for Visa

As a Korean citizen, you do not require a visa to visit China. That is if you are only visiting for 90 days. However, if you plan on exceeding the 90-days visa-free period, you need to apply for a visa. A visa application should be done a month or so before you travel, because visa proceedings may take up time.

  • Virtual Private Network is Required

Access to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube have all been blocked by The Great Firewall of China. Not only have these apps been blocked but many other websites and apps as well.

Therefore if you are planning to travel to China you need to purchase a VPN. Note that the VPN needs to be activated before arriving in China as the country blocks access to VPN companies. When purchasing a VPN, you should consider Express VPN and Surf Shark. They come highly recommended. Also, the VPN ensures that your identity and online presence are protected while on your visit to China. Not to mention, your online safety in China can be protected with a premium VPN.

  • Take-Along Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

Since squat toilets are still a thing in Korea then it shouldn’t bother you if you find public bathrooms with squat toilets. You should take into consideration that restrooms in China do not have toilet paper, therefore; you should also have some on hand. Hand sanitizer will also come in handy.

  • Exercise Caution When Purchasing Hard Liquor in China

It is generally safe to purchase beer and wine in China. However, when it comes to purchasing spirits in clubs and bars you need to be very cautious. This is because a cheaper brand may have been poured into an expensive bottle or it could even be moonshine.

  • Always Bargain for Everything

The only exception to this tip is the upscale stores. Everything in China can be haggled for in the markets. Besides, it is even encouraged and sometimes a necessity. Haggling also occurs in Korea, therefore it should be easy to do so.

  • Passport Photocopy

By law, Chinese hotels are required to register guests with the police. For this, your passport is needed. There is also a possibility of being stopped by a police officer on the streets and your ID will be required.

  • Always Have Cash at Hand

In China, even though you are with a Visa or MasterCard, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Your cards may be declined because China has its credit cards and it is not open to using Visa and MasterCard yet.

  • Know A Bit of Mandarin

When you are visiting a country that speaks a different language from yours then it is advisable to learn the language. Learning the basics alone will go a long way. You will find the people are more friendly and open with you and make an effort to learn the language. This is no different in China.

How Can Koreans Enter China During The Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic is still raging everywhere in the world. It is also common knowledge that China is one of the countries that have suffered the most from the pandemic. To visit China as a Korean, there are some requirements:

  • A health declaration; a valid COVID test
  • To apply for a visa online you need a valid copy of your passport, a valid email address, and a valid payment option

Most Visited Tourist Sites in China

It’s been over 700 hundred years since the world discovered China through the writings of Marco Polo. China is referred to as the embodiment of all things mysterious and exotic. With the economic and infrastructural growth in China, the country has retained its fascination.

If you are planning to travel to China, these are some tourist spots you need to include in your travel planner;

  • The Great Wall Of China

This is one of those tourist sites that you simply have to visit while in China. As the popular Chinese saying goes, ‘you cannot be a true hero unless you have been on the Great Wall’.

  • The Beijing Summer Palace

This historical monument is located 15 kilometers from Beijing. Built on over 700 acres of enchanting parkland, the Imperial Summer Palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions.

  • The Yangtze River and the Three Gorges

The Yangtze River is a beautiful sight to behold and is the third-longest river in the world. Referred to in China as Chang Jiang (Long River), the Yangtze River offers numerous sightseeing options.

  • The Potala Palace, Tibet

Located in the town of Lhasa, Tibet, The Potala Palace is one of the most popular historic structures in China. For centuries, the Potala Palace was a center for political and religious powers. It is home to many of China’s important treasures.

There are two Potala Palaces, the first one being the Red Palace which was built in the 17th century. The second, referred to as the White Palace, was built in 1648.

  • The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou is a historic garden. Therefore, it should take a top spot in your travel itinerary. You can find the Classical Gardens of Suzhou in Jiangsu province.

  • Hangzhou’s Historic West Lake

The city of Hangzhou is one of the few cities in China that can boast of many monumental buildings and sites. The enchanting West Lake is a 6-kilometer-square stretch of water that is located in the heart of the city of Hangzhou. It is surrounded by many hills, pagodas, and temples.

The highlight of your visit will be hopping aboard one of the numerous tour boats to whisk you around the lake. And every evening, there is a fun musical fountain show that you wouldn’t want to miss.


China is now open to more Korean visitors, but like all travelers, you need to stick to the COVID-19 regulations.

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