Busan surf-rockers Say Sue Me have been busy this year. After making a celebrated debut at SXSW, they then released in April both 2nd album “Where We Were Together” and a covers record “It’s Just a Short Walk” to glowing reviews from media giants like Billboard, MTV, and Pitchfork, before touring the UK and Europe with stops at The Great Escape Festival.

We spoke to SSM about their recent successes, but ended up talking mostly about Busan. That’s characteristic of these hometown heroes, who’ll be celebrating their homecoming and album releases at Someday in the PNU area on Saturday, June 2nd.

SC: Your “Busan Calling” tour was the longest the band has ever been away from home. What did you miss the most about it?

SSM: We were checking our SNS every day to see our friends having fun without us! We wanted to hop into all those photos and have good times with them too. While overseas, we really craved the things we couldn’t have. Needless to say, naengmyeong, hoe, and dwaeji gukbap are pretty hard to find in Europe.

SC: Speaking of things that are hard to find: readers would probably like to know all your secret local spots around town. Maybe we can start with coffee?

SSM: We like the specialty drinks at 人&Bean along the Bosudong Book Street, served up by the gentle but cranky boss. We also like Coffee Space Bar in Munhyeon-dong for the best caffe latte in town and the delicate sunshine. Finally, Café Belmont, by our home base in Gwangan, is where we’ve been the most these days. I’ve already stamped my whole card and gotten my free coffee!

SC: Besides cafes, what are some good places to relax?

SSM: No matter what, the most comfortable place to be is home. Isn’t that the best in the world? But if I had to choose something open to the public, I’d say Gwangalli beach. There, you can see walking people, running people, walking dogs, running dogs….

SC: And for a view of the city?

SSM: Choryang! The night view from Sujeong-dong Walking Street is all dark alleys and bright streets lit by wiggling cars. You can take in the whole city at a glance.

SC: Favorite restaurants?

SSM: We love so many different kinds of food it’s hard to choose just one, but recently we’ve gotten hooked on abura soba. It’s translated as “oil noodles” but it’s delicious, and the best around without traveling to Japan is at Kim Shi Nae Bwaek (김씨네 붴). Once you’ve finished the noodles, you should definitely soak up all the juices with some rice.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqE378OGNus&feature=youtu.be” width=”660″ responsive=”no”][su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/BFCM_4uUiiA” width=”660″ autoplay=”yes”][/su_youtube]

SC: Best bars?

SSM: (jokingly) Please don’t go to Baeksuk (백석) in the PNU area. We don’t want many people there, so we’ll skip the details.

SC: Fun place to take a date?

SSM: Go for a stroll atop the giant Namhang Bridge and feel the sea breeze without a care in the world. Plus you can get up there by elevator!

SC: Thanks for the tips. Anything else you’d like to say to the readers?

SSM: Busan forever!

Catch Say Sue Me at Someday in the Pusan National University (PNU) area, June 2nd with Nightriding.

Advance: 15,000 Door: 20,000
Address: 416-1 Jangjeon-dong, Geumjeong-gu