Janglim Port Opens New Sunset Observatory, But Tourist Problems Persist

Janglim Port, dubbed “Bunetia” on social media as the Venetia of Busan, opened the Bunetia Sunset Observatory and a direct market for fisheries products on Monday.
The Bunetia Sunset Observatory in Saha-gu is a two-story building built with a budget of 1.9 billion won.
On the first floor, there will be a promotion·sales store for fishery products and Busan fish cakes and rest space for tourists.
On the second floor, a public relations hall and a cafe featuring Janglim Port’s change history were housed.
Saha-gu also plans to attract tourists by making a pedestrian bridge that can cross both sides of Janglim Port by applying for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries’ New Deal 300 Project.
Local Restaurants Are Leaving
More than one-third of the restaurants and businesses already located in Janglimpo-gu have given up on renewing their contract next year.
The main reason is that tourists were cut off due to a lack of infrastructure to improve accessibility to the region.
Currently, there are 13 restaurants at Maesul Village, known as Dining Street in Janglimpo-gu.
According to local media, five of them have already canceled upcoming contract renewals for next year.
Unlike other tourist attractions in the city, few visitors come to this site, making it difficult to operate as Jangrimpo-gu is inside an industrial complex so it isn’t a place where tourists would frequent.
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