Jaseongdae Park Renamed to Busan Jinseong Park

Jaseongdae Park in Dong-gu has been renamed to Busan Jinseong Park.

Jaseongdae Park, which had been constantly controversial over the remnants of Japanese colonial rule, had been changed to Busan Jinseong Park.

From August 2021, the name change was finalized on the 4th after deliberation by the district, city, and national nomination committees in turn.

As the name of the park has been changed, the district plans to correct the names of the three bus stops including Jaseongdae, and the facilities and address markings such as Jaseonggongwon-ro, which is the road name address.

The name ‘Jaseongdae’ is derived from the Japanese castle structure system that distinguishes motherhood and self-nature, nature and intellect.

During the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, the Japanese army built Jeungsan Japanese Fortress in Jwacheon-dong, Dong-gu as their main castle, and Jaseongdae Japanese Fortress in Beomil-dong as their Jiseong.

After the war, it was used as Busanjin Fortress by the Joseon naval forces for about 500 years in the late Joseon Dynasty.

Later, the Japanese Government-General of Korea announced the name Jaseongdae Park in 1944, and it has been called Jaseongdae Park until now, 79 years later.

Busan Jinjiseong Fortress, which surrounds the park widely, was also named under the Japanese-style fortress system that divides nature and intelligence.

In the meantime, there has been a constant voice in the local community that the names of Jaseongdae and Busan Jinjiseong should be changed.

In January 2020, the city changed Busan Jinjiseong Fortress to Busan Jinseong Fortress in consideration of the historical and symbolism used by the Joseon naval forces for about 500 years.

However, Jaseongdae Park remained as it was due to complicated changes, such as passing national review.

In response, Dong-gu residents promoted a one-person relay cheering campaign to find the name of Busan Jinseong from 2021, urging the name change of Jaseongdae Park.

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