Jeju Air to Run Temporary Flights to Haneda, Tokyo From Busan and Incheon

Jeju Air will have a regular flight schedule connecting Incheon and Gimhae Airport to Japan’s Tokyo Haneda airport twice a week it announced.

The route will open on the coming 21st for Friday’s and Sunday’s every week.

Haneda Airport, like Gimpo International Airport, has good accessibility to the city center and is popular among Tokyo travelers.

Jeju Air has previously operated the Incheon-Tokyo Haneda route from August to October. This time, the route will be open both in Incheon and Busan.

Jeju Air’s Incheon, Busan and Tokyo Haneda routes are expected to operate until January 14th of next year.

The Busan-Haneda route departs from Gimhae Airport at 10:10 pm on Friday and Sunday and arrives at Haneda Airport at 1:00 am on the following day.