Jinju City Announces 2024 National Heritage Media Art Jinjuseong and Cultural Heritage Night Tour

Jinju City will host the “2024 National Heritage Media Art Jinjuseong” from August 2 to 25 and the “2024 Jinju Cultural Heritage Night Tour” from August 15 to 17 in the Jinjuseong area.

This year, the city aims to highlight Jinjuseong, its prominent national heritage site, and attract tourists to boost the local economy through these events.

The “National Heritage Media Art Jinjuseong” is a contest by the National Heritage Administration that integrates media and digital technology with national heritage to showcase its value in innovative ways. Jinju City was selected for this first-ever contest in 2024.

Under the theme “Onsaemi-ro Jinjuseongdo,” the event will feature diverse media art works using the latest ICT technology at key locations like Chokseokmun, Chokseokru, and Gongbukmun.

Various experience programs such as the “Emotional Jinjuseong Tea Ceremony Experience” and “Stamp Tour Linked Experience” will be offered on a reservation basis.

These programs aim to provide elementary, middle, and high school students with an up-close and personal encounter with the region’s national heritage, blending historical value with modern aesthetics through dazzling lights and imagery.

Beat the Heat with ‘2024 Jinju Cultural Heritage Night Tour’

The “Jinju Cultural Heritage Night Tour,” now in its third year, was selected for the National Heritage Administration’s public offering project. This year’s tour promises a captivating narrative, continuing from “Swaemi-rok” in 2022, to “Seonmu Gongsin Gyo-seo” in 2023, and now “Jinju Seongdo” in 2024, featuring a performance of a military commander inspecting Jinjuseong.

The night tour revolves around the theme “8 Nights,” which includes:

  • Night View: Jinjuseong Dalmajung, connecting the Jinju Silk Road
  • Night Road: Come along Jinjuseongdo! A first for Jinjuseong
  • Night History: Jinju Battle Experience Yard, Tangible Heritage Experience Yard
  • Night Painting: Shadows under the Moonlight
  • Night Tales: Meeting Jinju Artists
  • Night Food: The Honey of a Midsummer Night
  • Night Market: The Bustling Jinjuseong
  • Night Stay: Jinju Hyanggyo Stay

These programs are designed to offer citizens a unique and engaging exploration of cultural heritage every night.

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