Korea Destinations: A Tongyeong Tour in Search of Admiral Yi Sun-sin

In connection with the release of the movie “Hansan”, Tongyeong City is conducting various themed tours called “Finding Admiral Yi” to the site of the Battle of Hansan.

This is a collection of themed tours related to Yi Sun-sin, which has been continuously operated in Tongyeong, in one place as interest in the movie “Hansan” has been focused on Yi Sun-sin and the Battle of Hansan. 

Theme tours include “Living Cultural Heritage Tongyeong Yi Sun-Shin School”, “Finding the Site of the Battle of Hansan, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin Tour”, “Turtle Ship 60-Minute Tour”, and “Hansan and Chungmugong Yi Sun-Sin Ask for the Way”.

The tours are designed for individuals, families, and groups. There are various tours with commentary such as “Sea Taxi: Hansan Daejeon Victory Route Tour”, “Hansan Battle Victory Field Tour”, and “Tongyeong Night Sea” to visit Hansando and Jeseungdang, the site of “Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>”. There are also night view tours such as a Night View Tour and the Chungmu Gyong Boat Starlight Tour.

Tongyeong City is preparing for more diverse events such as a snap tour of Jo Jung-young and the rental of military uniforms. The promotion of “Catch up with Hansan” is in progress.

Individual tours to visit Admiral Yi Sun-sin are possible from various places in Tongyeong such as Samdo Sugun Tongjeyeong, Chungnyeolsa Temple, Chakryangmyo, Jeseungdang, Turtle Ship, Yi Sun-sin Park, and Dangpo Fortress Site.  

For more information, please visit the “Tongyeongae Onna” official blog https://blog.naver.com/tyaeonna (Korean).

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