Korea Destinations: Admission to Miryang Eoreumgol Valley is Free of Charge From January 1

from January 1, 2023, admission to Miryang Eoreumgol Valley, a natural monument, will be free of charge.

It is a measure designed to improve the convenience of visitors by lowering the threshold for cultural properties and increasing the number of tourists to revitalize the local economy.

In 2007, Yeongnamnu Pavilion in Miryang and in 2008, the historical sites of Samyeongdaesa Temple were free of charge, followed by free admission to Eoreumgol Valley. All cultural assets managed by Miryang City, except for some temples, are free of charge.

Eoreumgol Valley is a popular attraction with more than 40,000 annual visitors and over 1,300 visitors per day in summer. It is expected that more tourists will visit in the future as Eoreumgol Valley, which is popular with families, can be visited without an admission fee.

If you visit Eoreumgol Valley to avoid the summer heat, the cool air that comes out mysteriously is excellent, and the huge tattered area and frozen ground catch your eye. 

Also, if you move a little further from the ice area to the deck, you can see the majestic and beautiful Kiln Fire Falls. Not only in summer, but you can also enjoy the beauty of each season throughout the year no matter when you visit Eoreumgol Valley.

Eoreumgol Valley, located in Nammyeong-ri, Miryang, was designated as a natural monument on April 27, 1970. It is a mysterious valley where ice freezes in midsummer. land).

In Eoreumgol Valley, a cold natural wind blows through the cracks in the rocks, as if an air conditioner had been turned on. The more severe the heat, the more prominent the freezing phenomenon, and in March and April, ice begins to form in the crevices of the rocks, reaching its peak during the Sambok heat. In winter, warm air comes out from the cracks in the rocks where the ice was formed, so the valley water does not freeze.

The cause of ice freezing in summer has been proposed as topographical specificity and insulation effect caused by tatters, but it has not yet been clearly identified. Like this, Nammyeong-ri Eoreumgol Valley, where ice freezes even in summer, is called one of the three mysteries of Miryang, along with Maneosan Pumice which makes a sound when you tap it, and Pyochungbi that makes you sweat.

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