Korea Destinations: Bongmyeongsan City Park Reborn as a Healing Site in Sacheon

Bongmyeongsan City Park located in Yongsan-ri, Kunmyeong-myeon in Sacheon City is a healing space where tourists and hikers can rest through a facility maintenance project around the trail.

Bongmyeongsan Municipal Park is the only natural park in Sacheon, as well as the location of Dasolsa Temple, a temple with a thousand years of history, and Mt. Bongmyeong, and is a popular spot for tourists and hikers.

However, among the trail facilities, the observatory at Bongmyeongjeong Pavilion was installed in 1997, and the wooden and iron materials have deteriorated and the function of the observatory has been lost due to surrounding trees.

Accordingly, the city invested about 500 million won in total project cost and promoted a large-scale maintenance project for Bongmyeongsan Municipal Park in consideration of the convenience of users.

First, it was transformed into a healing space by creating a rest area where tourists and hikers can rest through the facility maintenance project around the Bongmyeongsan Municipal Park trail.

In addition, road surface maintenance in dangerous areas along the trail, deck stairs, traditional pavilion, and benches was installed, along with milestones.

Haps Staff
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