Korea Destinations: Experience an Abundance of Events at the 2023 Hadong World Tea Expo

The 2023 Hadong World Tea Expo features a variety of experience events that showcase the theme of “Scent of Nature, Healthy Future, Tea!” The event will take place from May 4th to June 3rd at two venues: Hadong Sports Park and Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival in Hwagae-myeon.

At the first venue, the experience zone in the first event hall offers a range of activities, including Hani and Dongi postcard making, self-face painting, green tea oil hand massage, green tea dyeing scarf and tea flower making, family motto writing and fan making, tea incense bag making, flower tea world black tea making, tea bakery, traditional tea ceremony, tea fumigation foot bath therapy, cypress wood charcoal foot bath, and ankle pumping. The World Tea Experience Hall at the second venue will represent the tea culture characteristics of five countries: Korea, China, Japan, England, and Turkey.

The event features five unique pavilions, each representing a different country. The Korean Pavilion provides a view of the beautiful nature surrounding it, while the Japanese Pavilion creates a Japanese-style alpine garden with rocks and bonsai on a white sandy floor. The Chinese Pavilion is a traditional Chinese house surrounded by buildings on all four sides, while the Turkey House is a space where Eastern and Western cultures coexist. The British Pavilion has a romantic tea house and a photo zone for roses, England’s national flower.

The Wild Tea Healing Hall offers various activities, such as Hadong Tea Class, tea yoga and meditation, a tea tour to learn about the history and culture of tea, tea camping, tea ceremonies, and pottery experience center. Additionally, there will be musical performances by Park Hae-mi and a Hadong T-trot concert by Cho Myung-seop and Kim Yeon-ja at the first venue, and Hadong T Ballad concert by Baek Ji-young and Kim Beom-soo, trot singer Jang Yoon-jung’s performance, men’s choir Ars Nova, Jinju Municipal Korean Music Orchestra’s daily life reflection performance, and Norazo’s variety of performances at the closing ceremony on June 3rd at the second venue.

The Hadong World Tea Expo 2023 is the first government-approved international event in the tea field, co-hosted by Gyeongnam-do and Hadong-gun, and supervised by the Hadong World Tea Expo Organizing Committee. It will run for 31 days and showcase the beauty and benefits of tea, emphasizing its importance for a healthy and sustainable future.

Over 500,000 people have attended the event since its opening.

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