Korea Destinations: Korea’s No. 1 Hot Springs City, Changnyeong Bugok Hot Springs

Changnyeong Bugok Hot Springs has been designated as “Korea’s No. 1 Hot Springs City” following a review by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

This designation, a first since the Hot Springs Act was established in 2010, is part of Gyeongnam Province’s “Bugok Hot Springs Revitalization Policy.”

Jointly with Onyang in South Chungcheong Province and Suanbo in North Chungcheong Province, Bugok in Changnyeong earned the title as a “hot spring city.”

Such cities are expected to boost regional development and the local economy through the hot spring industry. The designation allows them to receive government-level support, including budget allocation and relevant policy development.

Bugok’s newfound status is expected to enhance its image, attract investment, and revitalize its hot springs industry, countering declining visitor numbers in recent years.

To achieve this, Gyeongnam Province and Changnyeong County plan to implement a “Bugok Hot Springs Revitalization Plan,” which includes measures like securing government support for joint water supply facilities and developing the Bugok Hawaii site, which closed in 2017.

The revitalization is necessary after users of the hot springs dropped by over one million people from 2013 to 2023.

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