Korea Destinations: Make Fun Memories at Gyeongnam’s Beaches This Summer

Gyeongnam province has announced the sequential opening of 26 beaches across five cities and counties, starting from June 29 and operating until August 25.

The summer beach season kicks off with 17 beaches, including Changwon Gwangam Beach and Geoje Hakdong Mongdol Beach, followed by three beaches in Tongyeong City, Sacheon Namdae, and Namhae Sangju Eun Sand Beach on July 5. Suryuk Beach will open on July 6, with Namhae Songjeong Solbaram Beach rounding out the openings on July 12.

Gyeongnam is also offering unique themed beach experiences.

Continuing from last year, Geoje’s Myeongsa Beach will host ‘Dangsu Beach,’ a pet-friendly beach featuring pet-specific shower rooms, snack exchanges, and a pet playground.

Visitors can also enjoy paddle boat experiences with their pets. Geoje’s Wahyeon Beach will cater to disabled visitors, while Namhae Sangju and Songjeong will offer leisure and healing theme complexes. Additionally, Namhae Sachon Beach will provide local experience opportunities.

To ensure a safe and pleasant beach environment, Gyeongnam Province will operate safety management situation rooms. These rooms will be permanently staffed and will maintain close cooperation with related organizations such as fire departments and marine police stations. They will manage vacationer safety, handle safety incidents, maintain a clean beach environment, and address public complaints.

Gyeongnam Province is deploying 187 safety management personnel across the 26 beaches and equipping them with water safety equipment, including jet skis, lifeboats, life jackets, watchtowers, and automatic external defibrillators.

Thorough water and soil tests will be conducted before the beaches open to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all visitors.

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