Korea Destinations: Namhae’s Sacheon Wins Prestige Award

Sacheon Beach has been honored as the ‘2023 Best Managed Beach’ in the Beach Evaluation hosted by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Out of 284 beaches evaluated nationwide, only three, including Sacheon Beach, were recognized for their outstanding facilities, safety, and price management, as well as unique theme programs.

In an unusual distinction, considering its smaller size within Namhae-gun, Sacheon Beach secured this accolade alongside larger counterparts such as Buan Byeonsan Beach and Taean Kkotji Beach.

Namhae-gun’s proactive efforts to address changing beach usage patterns, such as during spring and fall weekends, played a significant role in this achievement.

The move towards year-round beach operation, the conversion of an old fishing port into a car camping site, and the provision of a dedicated area for dogs contributed to the beach’s recognition.

Financial transparency was enhanced by enabling beach usage fees to be paid exclusively through card or bank transfer, with the funds redirected towards beach environmental maintenance and facility management.

This approach aligns with the broader goal of revitalizing beach tourism, with Namhae-gun aiming to set an example for other small beaches nationwide.

Namhae-gun plans to further expand its beach tourism policy in collaboration with the local community, leveraging the confidence gained from Sacheon Beach’s transformation into a well-managed destination.

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