Korea Destinations: Step Back in Time With These 3 Retro Travel Destinations in Gyeongnam

For those looking to discover some nostalgia for the older-style Korea, why not embark on a journey through time with these charming retro travel destinations in Gyeongnam, evoking emotions and creating lasting memories for adults while sparking curiosity in children.

Here are three travel destinations for an old-school cool feeling recommended by Gyeongnam province.

Image: Gyeongnam province

Tongyeong Bongsutgol Alley

Nestled in Bongpyeong-dong, Tongyeong Bongsutgol Alley is a quaint neighborhood adorned with bookstores, photo studios, and cafes — a perfect spot for leisurely strolls.

Explore the Jeon Hyuk-rim Art Museum, a beautiful exhibition hall showcasing over 7,500 ceramic tiles featuring the works of the ‘magician of color’ and his son.

Adjacent is the Spring Day Bookstore, housed in a renovated abandoned house, where you’ll find local stories and wall writings by renowned artists.

The alley exudes retro charm with establishments like Johee Beauty Salon, Jin Lee Yongwon, and medicinal water baths, providing excellent photo opportunities.

Image: Gyeongnam province

Geoje Stationery Stores

Wander through the alleyways of Geoje, discovering charming shops and stationery stores with a nostalgic ambiance.

Favorites include Munchae’s corner store and Mimi’s Stationery, known for retro props, school supplies, and nostalgic snacks.

Experience the joy of making old arcade games and dalgona, reminiscent of Korean childhood pleasures.

The stores, adorned with retro decorations resembling 1970s-1980s bedrooms and theaters, stir up nostalgia in adults while offering delightful toys for children, breaking away from the digital age.

Image: Gyeongnam province

Gimhae Jinyeong Station Railway Museum

Opened in 1905 and operational for 105 years, the Jinyeong Station Railway Museum now resides in the renovated old Jinyeong Station.

Step back into the history of the old station through photo zones, vintage railroad models, and displayed tickets.

Engage in an engineer experience with videos filmed on the Mugunghwa train, reviving memories of local trains and simpler stations before the era of high-speed trains.

The monthly themed exhibition room welcomes citizen participation, offering a diverse range of exhibits.

Outside, the Rose of Sharon, once running on the old railroad, stands as a testament to the rich history of the area.

For additional details on these retro travel destinations, refer to the Gyeongnam Tourism Guide website and the Gyeongnam Tourism Network on Facebook and Instagram.

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