Korea Destinations: Take a Walk Along Namparang-gil Next to the Blue Sea In ​​Gyeongnam

Gyeongnam province will create a rest area for walking travelers on the Korea Dulle-gil Namparang-gil course, a walking tour route with a beautiful natural environment in the background, and operate various walking programs.

The ‘Korea Dulle-gil‘ refers to the longest walking tour course in history, with a total length of 4,544 km, built by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism from 2016 by connecting existing roads in the outskirts of KoreaIt consists of a total of 285 courses, including Namparang-gil in the Namhae, Seohaerang-gil in the West Sea, Haeparang-gil in the East Sea, and the DMZ Pyeonghwanuri-gil in the Demilitarized Zone.

Among them, Namparang-gil, which connects Namhae, is a walking tour route with a total length of 1,470 km, covering 90 courses from Oryukdo Island in Busan to the Haenam Ttangkeut Observatory, and was opened in October 2020 .

In the Gyeongnam region, 42 courses in cities and counties —  ChangwonTongyeongSacheonGeojeGoseongNamhae, and Hadong — are included in Namparang-gil, with a total length of 653.3 km

Among them, TongyeongsiGoseonggun, and Namhaegun were selected for this year ‘s public contest by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which supports the operation of a shelter for walking travelers and the development and operation of walking programsand is spurring preparations to welcome walking tourists.

Backpacking Europe without a passport – Namparang-gil Namhae section

Of the 90 courses (1,470km) of Namparang- gil, 11 courses (about 160km) belong to Namhae-gunNamhae is natural eco-region with no pollution-causing facilities such as mid-to-large factories or power plants, and it is ideal for walking tours. The route is constructed to pass through Namhae-gun’s representative tourist resources adding to the pleasure of walking tours .

In particular, the ‘Bitdam Village Course‘, which resembles Santorini in Greece enough to be called a European backpacking trip without a passport’, and the German Village Course‘ passing through sheep ranches and German villages with a Swiss Alps. You can enjoy the exotic atmosphere as it includes the Gacheon Darengi Village course, which is reminiscent of the Gacheon Darengi Village. The Bracken Field course is also reminiscent of Tuscany in Italy, ane they plan to provide bracken bibimbap delivery service in connection with a nearby restaurant and a walking tour program accompanied by a road guide.

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Bracken Field (Namparang – gil Course 37)

German Village (Namparang-gil Course 40)

Gacheon Darengi Village (Namparang- gil Course 43)


In addition to the Namhae Baraegil Visitor Information Center currently operating, Namhae-gun has turned the entire 3-story building of the former medicinal herb promotion center into a Namparang-gil Travel Support Center filled with shelters and information centers for walking travelers, making Namhae-gun the undisputed center of walking along the Namhae coast.

The 1st floor of the center will be decorated with the Namparang-gil publicity center. the 2nd floor will be transformed into a Namhae Walking Therapy Center, and the 3rd floor will be transformed into a Namparang-gil tourist lounge with a superb outdoor terrace view.

Let’s walk together in a gentle breeze – Namparang- gil Tongyeong section

Tongyeong-si includes 5 courses (about 87kmout of 90 courses (1,470km) on Namparang-gilThe Turtle Ship Camp, located in the course section from Mujeon-dong Beach Park to Nammangsan Sculpture Park in Tongyeong-si, was converted into a rest facility on Namparang-gil to provide shower facilities and tourist information to walking travelers, and also provides a rest area by installing hammock.

If there are more than 5 walking travelers, the Cordul Guide accompanying service will be providedand those who complete the section will be given a Tongyeong night view tour gift certificate and Dipirang admission ticket.

In additionfive Koduljam (Korea Dulle-gil Jamaccommodations will be selected as excellent accommodations near the Dulle-gil sectionand a pick-up service will be provided between the Dulle-gil and the accommodation for travelers.

The tentative name ‘Namparang-gil Tongyeong Upwind Governance‘ was organized and hosted by the local community to continuously connect and expand accommodation facilities such as bed and breakfasts and pensions within the Namparang-gil section and experience programs run by village residents.

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Tongyeong Night Sea Night Tour (Summer season)

Dipirang (Winter season)

Walking contest

Healing path for modern people who are weary of daily life – Goseong section of Namparang- gil

Of the 90 courses (1,470km) of Namparang- gil , courses (about 84km) belong to Goseong-gun

Haejigae Coastal Trail built along the calm sea like a lake and Haejigae Bridge which crosses the sea, including Namsan Park where you can see the scenery of Hallyeosudo and Galmobong Recreational Forest with dense cypresses, Goseong Dinosaur Museum, the first museum specializing in dinosaurs in KoreaTopography Sangjogam Gunnim Parkwhich was named because it looks like a bridge, fossilized dinosaur footprintsDanghangpo Tourist SiteMadong Lake National Wetland Reserve, and other representative tourism resources in Goseong, along the Dullegil, where you can relax while walking on the beachand enjoy nature along with a reed field.

It is operated as a representative eco-tourism healing course because you can walk around the ecological wetland.

The existing Maekjeon Pohang tourist rest facility has been renovated and operated as a resting place on Namparang-gil which will provide information on nearby tourist spotslodgings, and local restaurants for walking tourists .

On weekends, the participation fee is 10,000 won for Energy Road (Diabetic Prevention Experience Dullegil Course), Natural Person Road (Healing Mind Course), Diet Road (Exercise Concurrent Diet Course), Namparang Tea Road (Stress Relief Course with Sea Windmill), and you can participate in unique walking programs such as Midnight Moonlight Road course.

Haehaegae Coastal Trail

Danghang Bay Dullegil Haesang Pedestrian Bridge

Sangjogam County Park


If the shelter space is completed in the first half of this year, such as installing the Korea Dulle-gil shelter information board and arranging goods, various walking programs will be available in earnest in the second half of this year. We will work together with the city and county to make it a national walking tour spot,” Shim Sang-cheol, head of the Gyeongnam-do Tourism Promotion Division said. 

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