Korea Destinations: Tongdosa Temple and Hwangsan Park

Last year, Tongdosa Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Hwangsan Park, the largest waterside park in the Bu-Ul-Gyeong region, each welcomed over 1 million visitors.

Yangsan City reported that Tongdosa Temple had 1.28 million visitors in 2023, while Hwangsan Park saw 1.016 million visitors.

Visitors often enjoy meals and tea at local restaurants and visit nearby temples such as Seounam Hermitage, Geungrakam Hermitage, and Hongnyongsa Temple.

Image: Yangsan City

Tongdosa Temple is one of Korea’s three major temples designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features outstanding natural scenery and hosts significant Buddhist cultural festivals, including the Geumgang Stairs and Daeungjeon, as well as the scenic Mupung Hansong-gil.

Hwangsan Park, spanning 1.88 million square meters along the Nakdong River, is the largest waterside park in the Buul-Gyeong region. It offers a variety of facilities for family recreation and relaxation, including auto camping sites, bicycle paths, a park golf course, a baseball field, a red clay road for barefoot walking, a walking trail, and a mini train.

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