Korea Destinations: Various Flower Festivals Heralding Spring to be Held in Yangsan

Starting with the Wondong Water Parsley Festival, Yangsan City announced that it plans to hold a variety of flower festivals from Wondong to Mulgeum with beautiful natural scenery and abundant attractions.

The Wondong Water Parsley Festival will be held in the Wondong-myeon area of ​​Yangsan-si starting February 23, and during the festival period, visitors can enjoy fragrant Wondong water parsley, known as clean and pollution-free food.

The opening ceremony, held on February 23rd at the Ssangpo Plum Multipurpose Plaza, will feature a variety of programs, including a pre-ceremony pungmul performance, water parsley and water parsley rice cake tasting, and a singing contest.

A local food store will also be operated where you can purchase agricultural products, such as water parsley and strawberries.

Next, the Wondong Plum Festival, Yangsan’s representative spring flower festival, will be held from March 9 to 17 at the Ssangpo Plum Multipurpose Plaza and the Wondong Weekend Market. During the festival, the city plans to operate an agricultural specialty product market, photo zone, and experience booth, as well as various performances by local artists.

In particular, this year, they plan to run a plum guksi restaurant, which is a food with Wondong’s unique characteristics, and offer plum noodles, corn makgeolli, and water parsley pancakes for the first time.

Following the Wondong Plum Festival, the Mulgeum Cherry Blossom Festival, held along the Cherry Blossom Road in Hwangsan Park, will begin with traffic restrictions on March 25th and the opening event will be held for two days from March 30th to 31st.

This year’s Mulgeum Cherry Blossom Festival will feature a spectacular opening celebration performance by setting up a large-scale special stage in Hwangsan Camping Site.

In order to turn it into a family healing festival, various citizen experience events, and participation programs will be operated to greatly revitalize the local economy around Mulgeum Station. 

In particular, since the Mulgeum Cherry Blossom Festival is held for the first time since the KTX has opened at Mulgeum Station, the number of tourists visiting Yangsan is expected to increase significantly compared to previous years.

In addition, the Cherry Blossom Road (Nakdong-ro between Mulgeumseobu Underpass and Hwangsan Campground Entrance) is closed to vehicles and is operated for pedestrians only, and the control period is from March 25th to April 3rd.

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