Korea Places Three Universities in Asia’s Top Ten

For the second straight year The National University of Singapore topped the QS University Rankings for Asia. NUS was followed by Hong Kong University and South Korea’s KAIST.

The QS Asia University Rankings measure the performance of top universities in Asia on nine performance indicators: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, citations per paper, papers per faculty, proportion of international faculty and students, and the proportion of inbound and outbound exchange students.

Overall, Hong Kong performed best in the top ten with four institutions present, followed by South Korea with three, Singapore with two and China with one. Japan was absent in this year’s Top 10.

Though holding no presence in the top 10, the island nation of Taiwan punched well above its weight with with 28 institutions ranked in the top 300, including 12 among the top 100.

Neighboring China saw 25 institutions among the top 100 with 16 of them having moved up from last year, which the study attributed to a surge in research citations.

“The majority of the ranked Chinese institutions are increasing their research output, spurred by the impressive and sustained level of public and private investment, second only to the US” says QS head of research Ben Sowter. “However, the country’s leading universities are still lagging behind in terms of research citation numbers, which reveal the impact of the research they produce.”

Japan remains the second most represented country in the top 300 with 68 institutions, behind China which is home to 74.

Japan with 14 in the top 100 was edged out my neighboring Korea who saw 17 of her universities in the top 100.

This year there were only nine Indian institutions in the top 100, with the Indian Institute of Science being the country’s leading representative ranking at 34th.

Malaysia has 21 in the top 300, with six in top 100. Other countries featured among the top 300 were: Thailand (11 universities), Pakistan (10), Indonesia (7), Vietnam and Bangladesh (2), Sri Lanka, Brunei and Macau (1).

Top Ten Asian Universities 2015

  1. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  2. University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  3. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
  4. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  5. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  6. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  7. Peking University (China)
  8. Seoul National University (Korea)
  9. City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  10. Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea)

This was originally published in Branding in Asia Magazine


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