Busan Extends Current Social Distance Rules Until the 16th

Busan will extend the current social distancing rules for two more weeks through mid-January.

At a COVID-19 response meeting held in Seoul last Friday, Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum said today that “it is too early to think that we have overcome the crisis” and that there are “a lot of critically ill virus patients and deaths.”

In the Busan area, the number of confirmed cases has been gradually decreasing as the number of confirmed cases has turned to a decreasing trend in the past week, and the high-risk group, over the age of 60, has also exceeded 70% of the third dose. 

In addition, the rate of confirmed cases over the age of 60 has continued to decrease, and the share has fallen to 650 in the past week, reaching 32%. In the 4th week of November, the proportion of patients aged 60 and over was 40.1%

However, in consideration of the current spread of the Omicron mutant virus, the current status of securing beds, and the timing of introduction of oral therapeutics, the current measures to strengthen social distancing, such as the number of private gatherings, the limit of operating hours for multi-use facilities, event and assembly standards, and religious facilities, remain unchanged.

Some rules will be adjusted by reflecting the opinions of the field.

The operating hours of movie theaters and performance halls have been adjusted from the previous 22:00 limit to allow admission until 21:00 based on the start time of screenings and performances and must be closed before 24:00.

At stores (stores, marts, department stores), the inoculation certificate and voice verification system (prevention pass) will also be applied.

The implementation period of the youth quarantine pass will be postponed from February 1 to March 1 next year by one month, and a grace period will be granted for one month.

Currently, private gatherings are capped at four people nationwide, while 9 or 10 p.m. curfews are imposed on multiuse facilities’ operating hours.

The restrictions will be extended through January 16.


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