Koreans Happiness Decreases as Age Increases

A recent survey on the happiness index of Korean adults revealed an average score of 6.68 out of 10.

Scholars equate the happiness index with the quality of life, but the study showed that happiness tends to decline with age.

This trend is linked to the current social situation, with factors like poverty rates among the elderly in OECD countries and the suicide rate affecting their happiness negatively as they grow older.

The research report titled ‘Influencing Factors on the Happiness Index of Koreans by Life Cycle,’ published in the official academic journal ‘Weekly Health and Disease’ by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, analyzed data from 226,545 adults aged 19 and above.

When divided by age groups, the study found that happiness levels decreased with age, with the lowest happiness reported among those aged 75 or older.

The research team highlighted the importance of social communication and access to necessary medical services as factors significantly influencing happiness.

The study emphasized the link between subjective happiness and overall health and longevity.

In a study in the Netherlands, happy older adults were found to have a significantly lower risk of mortality compared to unhappy individuals.

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