KTO’s ‘2020 K-pop Concert Support Project’ Gives A Grade To Busan One Asia Festival Once Again

The city of Busan has announced that it was once again selected as receiving the highest grade in the ‘2020 K-pop Concert Support Project’ by the Korea Tourism Organization and received 200 million won in support funds.

As a result, the Busan One Asia Festival (BOF), which marks the 5th year this year, was selected as an A grade festival for the 4th consecutive year and proved once again that it is the best K-pop festival in Korea.

Currently, the city is preparing to target foreign countries by attracting foreign tourists in cooperation with the Korea Tourism Organization, which is still planning to host the festival despite the difficult conditions of COVID-19.

Last year, BOF held an opening performance at Hwamyeong Ecological Park with the concept of “rediscovery” of the Nakdong River, and promoted Busan’s new tourism resources all over the world.

It attempted various new concepts such as participation of local musicians and the operation of citizen advisory groups to capture the charm and emotion of Busan.

Image: Busan City

BOF also attracted a total of 152,000 visitors during the 7 days, contributing to the spreading of Busan’s brand to the world.

“With COVID-19, many performances, exhibition events, and festivals have been canceled, and the tourism industry is in a downturn. I expect that the spread of COVID-19 will settle down as soon and we will prepare for this year’s BOF event to continue without disruption. In particular, we plan to do our best to ensure safety,” an official with the city said.

BOF 2020 will be held as a global Korean Wave festival that can be enjoyed by all of the world’s best Korean wave stars, Korean wave fans, Busan citizens and fans from all over the world for a total of eight days from October 24 to October 31.

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