Large Boogie Sculpture Installed on Haeundae Beach

The city of Busan has installed a ‘Boogie’ sculpture, a city of Busan communication character, at Haeundae Beach to deliver a message of support to citizens.

In consideration of the COVID-19 quarantine situation, a separate unveiling ceremony was not held.

The sculpture is 2.75m high and 3m wide — wide enough for two adult males to stand side by side to take a picture.

He is holding fish cakes and seed hotteok, two food symbols of Busan, in both hands, and wearing shoes with camellia flowers on them.

In addition, by wearing a transparent mask and attaching a vaccination band-aid, it also conveys a message about observing quarantine rules and encouraging vaccination.

The message “Let’s only walk the flowery road with Boogie” was engraved on the pedestal.

The wording was decided through a citizen contest held on the Busan Nuri Communication Network (SNS).

To commemorate the installation of the boogie sculpture, the city will hold an online event until the 20th of next month.

Participation is completed by wearing a mask and uploading the sculpture and the photograph taken together with the essential hashtag (#부기와함께꽃길만걷자) on your personal social media.

The city plans to provide ‘Boogie mugs’ to 100 people selected through a lottery. 

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