Largest Metropolitan Area Startup Platform in Korea Will be Built on the Busan Eurasia Platform

The largest metropolitan area startup platform in Korea will be built on the Busan Eurasia Platform.

The city of Busan announced that it would create ‘D-Camp Startup Lounge Busan’ on the Busan Eurasia Platform together with the Banking Youth Startup Foundation and BNK Busan Bank. 

The largest start-up foundation in Korea was established in 2012 with a donation of KRW 845 billion by 19 first financial institutions, operating the first complex hub D.CAMP in Korea and FRONT1, the world’s largest startup incubation space

Regarding the establishment of the lounge, the city held a ‘business agreement ceremony for the creation of a local startup ecosystem’ with Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon, D-Camp Executive Director Kim Young-deok, and BNK Busan Bank President Gam-chan Ahn in the International Protocol Room on the 7th floor of City Hall at 2 pm on the 2nd. 

The lounge opened this time is more meaningful in that it is a start-up base space created based on win-win cooperation and cooperation between local governments, private start-up platforms in the metropolitan area, and regional representative banks.

The lounge is located in Building A of the Eurasia Platform in Busan, and the interior construction will be completed by January next year, and full-scale operation will begin in February. The first floor will be used as a startup PR hall, and the second floor will be decorated as a remote work desk and meeting space.

D-Camp plans to regularly hold the representative program ‘D.Day’, a startup debut stage, and ‘Office Hours’, a mentoring program for founders here.

Kim Young-duk, executive director of D-Camp, said, “We will contribute to the development of the local startup ecosystem by adding D-CAMP’s expertise to activities with genuine local partners such as Busan City and BNK Busan Bank. I will make this lounge operation a good precedent so that it can spread.”

At the ‘Emergency Economy TF’ meeting held in June, the city discussed the plan to reorganize the Busan Eurasia Platform, which has the symbol of being the gateway to Busan and the geographical advantage of good accessibility from other regions, into an innovative startup platform.

After hard work to attract global and metropolitan start-up platforms, Google opened ‘B.Startup Station’ on the Busan Eurasia Platform in November. It is expected to establish itself as an undisputed start-up hub.

“The attraction of excellent private start-up platforms such as Google and D-Camp provides an opportunity for local start-ups to expand out of the region and into the world, and the local start-up ecosystem is being revitalized overall. Busan Eurasia Platform and North Port area If the city is established as a start-up base, these two locations will become the growth engine for Busan’s development, and we will not spare much support so that the start-up can serve as a dynamic engine to lead Busan,” Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon said.

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