Last Night’s Storm in Busan: Here’s What Happened Around the City

Record rain turned Busan into a city of water last night as major flooding and damage took place.

Landslides, retaining walls, housing collapses, suspension of trains due to metro station flooding all took place during the heavy evening, and nighttime rainfall.

Here’s what happened around the city according to local media reports.

— A record of over 80mm of rain per hour fell in some districts in Busan

— Haeundae was the hardest hit with 211mm (8.3 inches), followed by 191mm in Dongnae, 176mm in Jung-gu, 164mm in Saha-gu, 164mm at North Port, 142mm in Yeongdo-gu, and 136mm in Geumjeong-gu.

— Saha-gu recorded the highest hourly rainfall at 86.5mm, with Haeundae receiving 84.5mm, Jung-gu at 81.6mm, Nam-gu at 78.5mm, and North Port with 69mm.

— It’s the 10th highest precipitation per hour numbers since 1920 according to the Korean Meteorological Administration’s Disaster Prevention Agency.

— 209 reports were received by Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters.

— 141 cars vehicles were flooded and 45 roads were partially or completely controlled.

— Three people died after being trapped in a flooded underpass in Choryang at Busan Station Road 1. Waters had risen up to 2.5 meters when seven cars got trapped.

— Though the underpass was said to have a drainage pump that can drain 20 to 30 tons of water per minute, it was said to have not functioned properly due to the heavy rain and flooding.

— The victims included a man in his 50s, a man in his 60s, and a woman in her 20s.

— Two people were rescued after massive flooding occurred in the basement of the old Novotel in Haeundae.

— Three people were rescued from the underground parking lot at Asiad Nursing Hospital in Yeonje-gu.

— An apartment building collapsed in Bugok-dong, Geumjeong-gu, causing 20 tons of soil to flow into the apartment. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

— One person was rescued on a back road in Dongbu-ri, Gijang-gun from a landslide.

— A landslide also occurred in Banyeo-dong, Haeundae-gu.

— A retaining wall collapsed in Gwangalli, damaging three houses and forcing the evacuation of residents nearby.

— A road in Yongdang-dong was also controlled by police after a landslide hit the area.

— Gwangalli Beach Road and Haeundae experienced heavy road flooding.

— Water up to waist high was reported at Homeplus in Yeonsu-dong and in Centum City.

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