Liquid Arts+38: Women, Life, Freedom @ Ovantgarde

This Sunday, the Liquid Arts Network is hosting a special performance of the “Liquid Arts Open Stage+38: Women, Life, Freedom” beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Ovantgarde in KSU.

“Women! Life! Freedom!” is what Iranians are shouting, not only in the streets of Iran but in the streets around the world since the September 16, 2022, killing of Mahsa Amini in Tehran by the morality police because she wasn’t wearing her head scarf properly.

Since that day artists and activists from around the world have joined forces in solidarity with the Iranian people to raise awareness of what is happening in Iran.

The Liquid Arts Network is honored to answer the call and join this sacred moment of “Women, Life, Freedom” for this special Liquid Arts+38 event.

All artists residing in Korea are welcome to participate creatively or as audience members in order to come together for an evening of artistic expression, say the name, “Mahsa Amini” and move forward in the quest for social change that leads to the betterment of all people in Iran and beyond its borders.

The Liquid Arts Network is in its 22nd year of presenting art, supporting artists, and connecting communities in Busan, and throughout Korea, Asia, and the world. Poets, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, filmmakers, and anyone with creative inclinations are invited to share their works with our attentive audience.

There will be 14 performance slots.

Directions for those who need them: Green line to stop 212 KSU/PKNU. Go up exit 3. Walk straight with Starbucks on your right. Turn right at the first street. Turn right at the next street. Turn right again at the first little alley. There’s a red Litre coffee shop on that corner. Walk straight back. It’s on the left

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