Mackerel Remains Korean’s Favorite Seafood

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Maritime Institute, or KMI, mackerel was ranked as the favorite seafood in South Korea.

The 2019 National Maritime Fisheries Survey was conducted on 1,000 adults nationwide.

The second and third most popular fishery products were squid at 11.3 percent, and hairtail with 9.9 percent, respectively.

Mackerel has been in the top spot for three consecutive years since KMI began the survey in 2017.

Squid, which has become rare due to a significant reduction in catches, rose to the second place from the third place in the survey last year.

For places to consume seafood, homes ranked the highest at 62.2%, followed by raw fish restaurants at 26.9% and Japanese restaurants at 10.3%.

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