“Millac the Market” to Open in June

A unique design-spaced warehouse located in Millak-dong will open in June, billed as a complex cultural space facing Gwangalli Beach built on a 7,700-square meter site.

Located around the densely packed new residential E Pyunhan Saesang Gwangalli Beach apartments, the red-bricked outer appearance with high windows is unusual for the city but offers a New York City vibe in the recently opened residential area.

The third complex space built by local group Sammi Construction Co. Ltd., the building which faces the water is one story underground and two stories above.

Instead of building another high-rise apartment in the area, the group’s intention was to build the complex with the hopes of revitalizing the commercial area and providing a space where citizens can enjoy views of the bridge at Gwangalli.

Millac the Market is expected to house a variety of food and beverage facilities, select retail shops, and pop-up stores.

The plan is to provide unique sights, fun, and food for expats and locals by opening half of the F&B outlets and retail shops from Seoul and Gyeongju and the other half which are only unique to Busan.

With the concept of “Sit on the beach stairs, eat and play”, it will allow you to eat food while looking at the sea view sitting on the stairs rather than in a traditional restaurant-style setting.

Various cultural performances are also scheduled to take place.

Originally it was scheduled to open in May, however, the opening was pushed back due to the spread of COVID-19.

The exact opening date wasn’t announced, though it is expected to be in June.


Haps Staff
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