More Subways and Security Planned Ahead of this Weekend’s BTS Concerts

The city of Busan said that it will make sure the highly anticipated BTS concert to be held as smoothly as possible, set to be held at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium on the 15th and the 16th of this weekend.

The Busan Transportation Corporation has decided to increase the number of subway operations by 18 more times for the visitors and fans of the boy band known as ARMY, and place safety personnel around the subway station of the concert venue.

Busan city has also decided to secure more than 3,200 parking spaces around the Asiad Auxiliary Stadium and light the Gwangan bridge, the Busan Cinema Center and the Busan Port bridge in purple, the color that represents the BTS and its fan club, ARMY, in the sense of welcoming them.

The Busan Police Agency will assign two teams of officers around the concert venue for traffic control.

The district offices of Dongnae and Yeonje and the Gym facility management office said they will support security manpower on the day of the event.

The city expects to see a huge influx of people on top of the 45,000 people coming to watch the BTS concert over the weekend.

An official of the city said that the city is doing all they can do to prepare for an unknown estimate of foreign and national fans of BTS known coming to Busan over the weekend.

After discussing with the BTS management and the security companies, more than at least 10% of the entire attendees for the concert, or 4,000 foreign tourists are expected to be coming to Busan city.

Asiad Stadium Won’t be Opened to Fans

The Busan Metropolitan Government also announced that the Busan Asiad Main Stadium will not be open to fans wanting to watch a BTS concert on their large screens next week.

The city government had considered allowing fans to watch the concert on the screen from the stands at the auxiliary stadium of Busan Asiad Stadium for those fans who could not watch the BTS concert.

After discussions with an agency in charge of planning the show, the government said it decided not to open the main stadium considering the fairness with those who paid to watch the concert, along with other technical problems.

Officials added, however, that a part of the stands in the main stadium will be open to fans waiting to be admitted to the show.

The fan meetings for BTS 5th Muster “Magic Shop” are being held June 15th and 16th at 7 p.m.

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