Nakdong River Yuchae Flower Festival to be Canceled This Year

The Nakdong River Yuchae Flower Festival in Busan has been canceled this year due to the effects of climate change causing poor growth of the yuchae flowers.

The festival, known as Busan’s representative spring flower event, held at Daejeo Ecological Park in Gangseo-gu, will not take place due to concerns about recurring issues with flower growth.

Last year’s festival faced challenges such as premature bud sprouting and flower death due to extreme temperatures.

Despite the cancellation, efforts will be made to maintain the scenic complex for public enjoyment.

As climate change accelerates flowering periods, plans for the cherry blossom festival are being adjusted accordingly.

The Jinhae Gunhang Festival in Changwon is scheduled to start on March 22, two weeks earlier than in previous years.

Similarly, Busan’s cherry blossom festivals may also be rescheduled earlier than usual, with predictions indicating blooms as early as March 24.

Various locations in Busan, including Geumjeong-gu, Gangseo-gu, and Sasang-gu, are preparing for cherry blossom festivities, with discussions underway to coordinate schedules in response to the changing flowering period.

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