Netflix Implements Additional Fees for Account Sharing in Korea

Netflix recently announced an updated policy in Korea, outlining additional fees for users who wish to share their Netflix accounts with non-household members.

According to the official statement released on the 2nd, Netflix clarified that account sharing is now limited to individuals residing within the same household.

Under the new policy, users in Korea sharing their Netflix accounts with individuals outside their household will be subject to an additional monthly fee of 5,000 won.

Netflix initiated the process yesterday by sending emails to members currently sharing accounts with non-household residents to inform them about the revised account-sharing guidelines.

The implementation of account-sharing restrictions will be rolled out gradually. In instances where an external user or device from a different household attempts to access the Netflix account, a notification message is likely to appear, notifying users of the policy changes.

Sources reveal that Netflix will employ various data points such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine whether the user falls within the same household, in accordance with the privacy policy agreed upon during the signup process.

While the specifics regarding the number of additional members permitted in Korea have yet to be disclosed by Netflix, similar cases introduced in other regions suggest that premium accounts may create up to two additional paid member profiles, while standard accounts will be limited to one additional paid member profile.

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