New Bus Passenger Rules to Take Effect October 6th

The city of Busan is implementing changes to its ‘Busan City Bus Transportation Terms and Conditions,’ set to take effect from the 6th.

These revisions aim to address evolving transportation conditions and improve passenger experiences.

One notable change is the introduction of clear standards for carrying items on board.

Passengers can bring items weighing up to 20 kg and measuring 50 cm × 40 cm × 20 cm, including 20-inch suitcases, 40-liter market basket carts, and more. For safety reasons, exceeding these standards may result in boarding refusal.

Pets must now be placed in a dedicated carrier, ensuring they are entirely covered when boarding city buses.

Bringing food in disposable containers is generally prohibited, except for packaged items or ingredients for transportation and beverages in sealed plastic bottles.

There are also regulations concerning children’s boarding. Children under 5 can ride for free, but restrictions are in place to ensure their safety, limiting the number of children per guardian to four or less. Additionally, passengers may be asked to verify their identity to receive fare discounts.

Moreover, college and middle school students’ fare discounts have been standardized to avoid conflicts with bus attendants.

Children who don’t possess a transportation card must pay 400 won in cash, and for payments exceeding 5,000 won, change can be provided via bank transfer.

Furthermore, buses with designated space for large suitcases will be introduced on routes frequented by tourists, such as those passing through Busan Station and Gimhae Airport.

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