New Survey Shows Foreigners Living in Busan Feel That Discrimination Has Intensified

A new survey released by the Busan Women’s and Family Development Institute revealed that 35.5% of foreign residents living in the city feel that discrimination and prejudice have intensified since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey was conducted on 750 foreign residents living in the city.

According to the statistics since the coronavirus pandemic began, 46.7% of foreign residents felt “anxious and fearful”. Foreign workers were more susceptible to feeling this way more than married immigrants or international students.

According to the results, 51.7% of respondents were working, but almost 6 in 10 of the workers earned less than 1.5 million won a month.

35.9% made less than 500,000 won, while 9.9% made less than 1,000,000 won. 13.9% made less than 1.5 million won.

Respondents also asked for more guaranteed humane treatment (35%), guaranteed legal working hours (30.4%), improved work relations with Koreans (12.6%), and an improved workplace environment (12%).

20.9% of foreign residents said that they couldn’t visit a hospital last year when they were sick because of communication problems (30.6%), cost (23.6%), and lack of time due to long working hours (15.3%).

20.2% of married immigrants seriously considered divorcing their spouses last year while 14.2% said that they experienced some type of abuse.

47.6% of those responded that they “just endured the situation”, while 11.9% said they left their house.

The nationalities of the respondents were not released in an article posted in the Busan Ilbo.

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