Over 11 Million People Have Visited Busan Beaches Since June

Over 11 million visitors have flocked to Busan’s beaches over the past two months since its partial reopening in June.

As of the 6th, 11,291,646 beachgoers have been counted with over 1.7 million people hitting the shores during the scorching weekend when temperatures soared to 35’C.

However, the surge in vacationers has been accompanied by concerning incidents.

Reports of sexual crimes, including illegal filming, have marred the beach’s reputation.

Within a month of the beach’s full opening on the 1st of last month, the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency documented six cases of sexual offenses.

Among these, a Myanmar national in his 20s was apprehended for indecent assault after inappropriately touching a woman at Haeundae Beach.

Another man in his 30s was caught filming a woman without consent at Haeundae Beach.

Three out of the six individuals accused of these offenses were foreign nationals from Myanmar, Nepal, and Hong Kong.

The beaches have also seen over 600 individuals either injured or in need of rescue.

The Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters reported 646 beachgoers receiving emergency treatment or being rescued between June and the 6th of the month.

Instances included 12 people being saved on the 6th alone, with a middle-aged man stranded on a rock near Gwangalli Beach and 58 rescuers venturing into the water despite inadequate swimming skills. Some cases involved alcohol consumption, where individuals needed saving after entering the water.

Among the injuries, 540 people suffered various traumas while playing in the water, while four cases of heatstroke and 21 jellyfish stings were also reported.

A man in his 60s lost his life after plunging into the sea at Songjeong Beach on the 31st of July.

Although rip currents have posed an annual threat due to the climate crisis, this year, five individuals were rescued after being caught in the currents.

Haeundae Beach experienced rip currents on 87 out of 91 days last year during its opening period, with Songjeong Beach encountering similar conditions for 88 days out of the same period.

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