Partitions While Dining is the Newest Trend in Korea During Coronavirus

With the coronavirus all but changing the daily life of people in Korea, dining at work has also spawned a new trend — partition dining.

As after-hour gatherings have all but disappeared, lunchtimes at offices around the nation have had to adapt to prevent others from spreading or catching the viral disease.

According to Korea Bizwire:

Many companies and local governments are currently taking steps such as installing partitions in cafeterias as part of the coronavirus response. The measure is aimed at minimizing face-to-face contact during meals.

Some have guided their departments to eat meals at different times, even if no partitions have been installed, and some workers are being asked to spread out and eat in a single line.

Image: Twitter

An official from the Gangnam District Office in southern Seoul said, “We received guidelines to sit in a row while we are eating.”

Some corporate cafeterias are said to have become to reading rooms as partitions have been installed.

Citizens also agree that “isolating” oneself is inevitable while they eat.

While some think it is too much to install partitions, it seems to be one of the temporary measures to prevent possible COVID-19 infections.

Some argue that they want the new food culture to continue in the form of eating their own meals, even after the coronavirus outbreak is over.

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