“Rain Room” Exhibit to Open August 15th at Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

A new media exhibition 'Rain Room' will be held at Busan Museum of Contemporary Art that allows visitors to walk around without getting wet in a rain room by using sensors that can detect the human body.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan is holding a unique “Rain Room” exhibition beginning August 15th.

It’s the first time to be exhibited in South Korea.

According to the Random International website, Rain Room can be seen as an amplified representation of our environment. Human presence prevents the rain from falling, creating a unique atmosphere and exploring how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated through technology.

Upon entering the installation, visitors are simultaneously exposed to and protected from the water falling all around. Although the sound and smell of the rain are intense, its touch remains absent leaving visitors dry within a continual downpour as they navigate the space.

In Rain Room, a seemingly intuitive relationship develops between visitor and artwork, human and machine.

Random International, Rain Room, 2013 MoMA, Image: Busan Museum of Contemporary Art

Also, according to Korea Bizwire:

“Rain Room” allows the audience to roam freely without getting wet in the pouring rain inside the exhibition hall.

The piece is a well-known installation from Random International, an artist group based in London and Berlin.

Through “Rain Room,” the artists ask what role human beings can play in the face of physical reality caused by technological advances.

The exhibition was a hit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, LA County Museum, and Yuz Museum in China.

Event Information

Busan Museum of Contemporary Art

1191 Nakdongnam-ro, Saha-gu, Busan

Exhibition period: August 15 – January 27, 2020

Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 10 am – 6 pm

(Friday and Saturday until 9 pm )

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