Review: Costco’s New BLT Sandwich

For reasons that I’ve never understood, a BLT sandwich in Korea is almost never, a BLT sandwich.

The classic sandwich — a simple bacon, lettuce, and tomato — for some reason baffles the mind that just can’t just be done here.

On many occasions, I’ve given it a go, only to be given something that resembles a  BLTECP sandwich which claim to be a BLT, but added egg, cheese, and pickles.

But I can never just get a straight-up BLT. And sadly, Costco’s newest offering is no different.

On a recent trip to the store and with no seats to sit for eating due to the Coronavirus, I thought I’d try something new as take-out is the only option currently available.

That being said, it’s a pretty decent sandwich for the price and it’s quite big as well.

A generous portion of sliced bacon, lettuce and tomato were there, however, pickles and cheese were also added. Instead of mayo, a small helping of what seemed like Thousand Island dressing was on it, but not slathered in sauce like many sandwiches made here.

The fresh, ciabatta bread was good and even though the sandwich isn’t toasted or made fresh, it still maintained a pretty good consistency for a premade sandwich.

Priced at 6,500 won, it’s well-priced, filling and a nice addition to their revolving menu since its launch earlier this month following previous options such as their cheeseburger, chicken burger, brisket sandwiches, and calzones.

If you’re in the mood to try something different, it’s definitely worth a go.

Happy Eating!

Taehyeong Kim
A lifelong LA Dodgers fan, Taehyeong Kim enjoys eating delicious food and watching movies with his wife and son.

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