Sample Unusual Breads in Busan

Baked goods that are unique to Busan such as Hi Bread and Jagalchi Bread, which boast an unusual taste and shape, are appealing to the palates of tourists and locals.

In particular, Hi Bread is emerging as a new hit product in Haeundae, a popular haunt for overseas tourists, as the quirky bread nabbed the No. 1 spot at the Haeundae Bread Contest, organized by Haeundae-gu (district) Office.

CEO Gil Hyeon-jun of the area’s renowned bakery From. Jun submitted the bread to the competition.

It is an eye-catching bread since 12 of Haeundae’s tourism spots are drawn on its round top, such as Haeundae Beach, Haewoljung and Moontan Road.

The bread is symbolic not only in appearance but also in its name.

“Hi” means “hello” in English while it means “sea” in Chinese, so it is well suited for Busan, a city of the ocean.

Furthermore, it has a sweet taste as it is made when marshmallow and fig jam are added to crepes, which are then topped with a hot cake. Chinese and Japanese tourists adore crepes.

There are eight Hi Breads in one box, priced at 10,000 won ($9), and they can be purchased at designated stores including the Cruise Terminal, Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Branch and From. Jun.

However, Yeongdo Sweet Potato Bread closely trailed the prize-winning treat in popularity.

Yeongdo’s famed bakery Kkumkkuneun (Dreaming) Patisserie serves up two kinds of sweet potato bread made by adding Jonaegi sweet potato to crispy flour pastry dough and pure-tasting black-rice dough. The simple-tasting treat is catching on immensely on the back of its healthy and non-sweet flavor, which is unlike other well-known pastries.

Yeongdo Sweet Potato Bread has secured a variety of sales distribution routes, as it set up shop at Lotte Mall East Busan Branch in December 2014.

Jagalchi Bread is also touted as one of the city’s iconic breads as it uses seafood. After research into finding the city’s unique food product, it paid off in the form of the unusual fish-shaped bread.

Source: Busan City News

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