Sancheong-gun Recreates Historical Joseon Ceremony with Musical Performance

Sancheong-gun will stage a creative musical, “Taejogyoseojeon,” on June 15th at the Kisan Gugak Theater in Namsa Yedamchon, Danseong-myeon.

The performance will reenact the historical “Ije Founding Meritorious Message” ceremony from the Joseon Dynasty, which was a public address by King Taejo to Lee Je, a key contributor to the founding of the nation.

This event, hosted by the Namsa Yedamchon Traditional Cultural Festival Promotion Committee, celebrates the first official message issued during the Joseon era, preserved for over 630 years, and recently entrusted to the National Jinju Museum.

The musical will blend modern sensibility with historical narrative, featuring translations of the original Chinese texts into Korean for broader accessibility.

The performance includes Queen Shindeok’s song, Ije’s “Jinguk Myeongsan,” and Princess Gyeongsun’s “Chunnaengmu,” alongside a parade of 400 participants, including local and regional folk troupes. Notable actors Seo Beom-seok, Kang Hyo-seong, Lee Hyo-nyeong, and Lee Eun-sol will portray historical figures, offering a realistic and engaging reenactment.

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