The city of Busan released the expo cheering song ‘Welcome to World Expo’ on the 28th through Busan City’s official YouTube channel ‘Busan Tube’ to convey the nation’s desire to attract the 2030 World Expo. 

The Expo cheering song was produced and written by producer Shaun Kim, who worked with famous idol groups such as NCT and BoA, as well as a composer group that has recently been active overseas and performed by singer Lee Moo-jin.

‘Welcome to World Expo’ put a lot of effort into the composition of the rhythm and lyrics so that all generations can enjoy it.

Following the release of this cheering song, the city of Busan will conduct a ‘Sing for Expo’ campaign from the 29th to June 15th, where you can sing a duet with Lee Moo-jin through the release function of the official Instagram of Busan City.

The voices of the people gathered through the campaign to attract the expo will be reconstructed and released as an online choir video.

Anyone can participate in the campaign, and you can use the remix function of the reel’s video posted on the Busan City Instagram and synthesize your own duet video with Moojin Lee’s video.

In addition, it is possible to sing along with all cheering songs through YouTube. Among the participants who challenged the campaign, outstanding participants will be given the opportunity to record in the studio.