Special Q&A Sessions with Guests From Around the World at JIMFF

The 15th JIMFF offers visitors to enjoy some special Q&A sessions with actors and directors from around the world.

Here are a few highlights to look forward to.

August 9th

Rajiv Menon, the director of Rhythm is Everywhere will meet audiences after the screening at Megabox Jecheon at 13:00. Menon is an Indian film director and a cinematographer who is famous for films such as Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000), and Guru (2007). His recent film is about a gifted young drummer who yearns to learn from a top Maestro but faces rejection. Along with his struggle, the film follows the travel from the high-brow world of Carnatic music to current reality TV shows.

August 10th

The Accordionist’s Son will be screened at Megabox Jecheon at 10:30, followed by its Q&A session. The guest will be the director Fernando Bernués from Spain, who is well known for Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel (2006), and Mugaldekoak (2010). The film is based on Bernando Atxaga’s novel, which seeks the life of a protagonist David, who takes lessons from his accordionist father.

August 11th

Viva la Vida, the selected film by JIMFF2018 Music Film Project Promotion, will have its Q&A session after its screening at Jecheon City Cultural Center at 13:00. The session will accompany “Music Theater,” a special program that the audiences can enjoy the live performance by the band in the film. After the Q&A session with the director Lee Sangmok, “soriquete” a fusion band which mixes the sound of Gugak(Korean traditional music) and Flamenco will present their unique sound.

August 12th

Audiences can watch “Cine Symphony Shorts 2” at Megabox Jecheon, Theater at 13:00; it includes short films such as Mechanical Dance, No Rhapsody and Tin Can Orchestra. After the screening, Veit Helmer, the director of Tin Can Orchestra will participate in the Q&A session. Helmer is a German director who made his feature debut for Tuvalu (1999) and has collaborated with renowned actors such as Denis Lavant and Miki Manojlovic. Tin Can Orchestra is a film about Tipland, a home for people who cannot afford the rents in Berlin or have chosen a simple lifestyle.

On the same day, Sawah will also be screened at Megabox Jecheon at 13:00. The director Adolf El Assal will answer the audiences’ questions after the screening. El Assal, born in Egypt, studied filmmaking in the UK and directed several films including La Fameuse Route… (2011) and The Notorious Guys (2014). His latest feature film Sawah is about an Egyptian DJ Skaarab who dreams of taking part in a prestigious DJ championship in Brussel. The film shows adventures and encounters on the way to recover his identity.

August 13th

A special screening is prepared, Stanley Kwan’s latest feature film First Night Nerves will be screened at Megabox Jecheon at 12:30. Stanley Kwan is a director who represents Hong Kong New Wave, and he caught international attention through his third film Rouge (1987). He will talk about his movie First Night Nerves with the audiences after the screening. Since he is also the president of the jury of the 15th JIMFF, his Q&A session is highly anticipated. First Night Nerves is a film about Yuan Xiuling, a star who had past her prime but plans to return to the spotlight a year after her philanderer husband had passed away.

The 15th JIMFF will be held from August 8th to 13th. The festival will show 127 music films at Megabox Jecheon and Cheongpung Lakeside Stage; also JIMFF will present various music programs by more than 30 teams.

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