Spring Hyanggyo, Seokjeon Daeje Held in Miryang

Miryang City held the Miryang Hyanggyo spring Seokjeondaeje to honor the spirit of Seonghyeon and the spirit of traditional culture.

The ceremony was attended by Mayor Park Il-ho, executives of Miryang Hyanggyo, and Confucian scholars, including the Hyanggyo family, and held a memorial service for the saints.

Mayor Park Il-ho served as Choheongwan, Park Dongseong (86 years old, Bubuk-myeon) as Aheongwan, and Yoon Jong-hwee (71 years old, Sangdong-myeon) as Jongheongwan, and the ceremony was conducted according to the order of Confucian rites.

Seokjeondaeje is an important intangible cultural property in Korea and is a ceremony in which ancestral tablets such as Confucius, his pupils, and Korea’s leading Confucian scholars Seolchong and Choi Chiwon are enshrined.

It is divided into spring and autumn and is held annually on the first day of February and August of the lunar calendar.

Miryang Hyanggyo is one of 16 Hyanggyo (Treasure 14, Historical Site 2) that holds state-designated cultural properties among 234 Hyanggyo in the country.


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