Take a Sneak Peek Into Skyline Luge Busan

Haps was given first media access in the country to check out the new Skyline Luge Park currently under construction in Gijang.

Skyline Luge Busan, the seventh location internationally from the New Zealand-based company, is currently close to completion and is set to open in a few weeks.

With locations in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and also in Tongyeong, Skyline Luge began operations 35 years ago and has had more than 50 million riders worldwide.

According to the company website, Skyline Luge is a fun-filled adventure activity suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels with their tracks all designed with twists, turns, and tunnels to ride with your friends and family for a thrilling outdoor experience.

Skyline Luge Busan

Haps got a sneak peek tour last week with James Thomas, General Manager of International Luge Operations.

The park will hold a concession area, ticket booths, relax area, and a merchandising store along with photos from your ride, and New Zealand snacks and sweets.

Though not yet completed, here’s a peek into what you can expect when it opens for business in the coming weeks.

The main building at the bottom of the course houses the outdoor ticketing booth and merchandise store on the inside. A concession stand is built across from this building that will host a convenience store and restaurant.

After purchasing your tickets, take one of the two four-seater chairs Skylifts to the top and enjoy some spectacular views of the Gijang area. Luge riders must be over 110cm tall to ride alone, or between 85cm and 109cm to ride with an adult.

The minimum to ride the chairlift alone is 135cm.

After a few minutes, you will arrive at the top of the lift where certified instructors will guide riders on how to use the luge. Instructions will be available in Korean and English.

Choose your luge, get your helmet on and you’re ready to go.

After a quick instruction, you’re off on your adventure where you have four courses to choose from. Luge carts can reach about 35 km/hr giving riders a thrill when they go into tunnels that are built in the 2.5 km of tracks at the facility. Cameras built-in along the track will also take photos of your journey down the course which you can check out and purchase at the end of your ride.

The end of your journey will take approximately 15-20 minutes from start to finish, though could be longer due to crowds.

The average visit to the park is about 90 minutes.

You can check out more information on the Skyline Luge Busan website which is only currently in Korean.

Jeff Liebsch
Jeff Liebsch has contributed to Yahoo Sports, Eurobasket, Tribal Football and Yonhap News. He can be followed on Twitter at @chevybusan.

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