Tongyeong Wants to Change its Undersea Tunnel Into an Aquarium

Tongyeong City is conducting a feasibility study and devising a plan to remodel its historical submarine tunnels.

Billed as Asia’s first undersea tunnel, the Tongyeong submarine tunnel was constructed to connect the Goseong peninsular ward to Mireukdo where Japanese colonial villages were formed during Japanese occupation.

It began being built in May 1927 and it was completed in December 1932.

It measures 5 meters wide by 3.5 meters high and is 483 meters long, running at a depth of 13.5 meters below the sea surface measured at high tide.

Despite its historical significance, it is not considered as a sightseeing facility. 

Though it has historic writing of ‘Yongmun Dangyang” at the entrance of the tunnel, only a dark and dull concrete passage continues.

Tongyong City hopes to transform the underwater tunnel into a completely new space tentatively called the ‘New Undersea Tunnel’.

The core is a surface water tank to be installed inside. Using this, the 300m section of the tunnel is made into an aquarium filled with real fish and to use sophisticated digital technology to provide a realistic feeling of being in the ocean.

The entrance to both tunnels would be used as a venue for digital facade technology that was shown at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the South-North summit.

If completed, it would expect to be opened in 2023.


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