Typhoon Haishen: What Happened in Busan

Four days after Busan was hit by Typhoon Maysak, Typhoon Haishen roared into Busan in the early morning leaving behind more damage to the rain-soaked city.

Strong winds and heavy rain caused more damage in the city though luckily the storm’s intensity had weakened by the time it hit in the early morning hours.

Here’s what happened around the city yesterday according to local media reports including BeFM News.

— The city of Busan counted one injured person, as a man was hit on the head by a signboard blown away by the strong winds at around 9:15 am at the UN road in Nam-gu.

— A man in his 60’s was trapped in his house in Gaegeum-dong due to a landslide and was rescued by 119 emergency workers and at around 7:50am, firefighters and police rescued a driver from a 1-ton truck that toppled over on Gwangan Bridge.

— The 18 Jaseong apartments in Dong-gu that had flooded during the heavy rain in July were again submerged from the typhoon.

— The 112 general situation room and the Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters received today at least 326 and 653 reports, respectively.

— Busan city saw strong winds of more than 30 m/s and up to 200 mm of rain

— Traffic was restricted on 68 roads including Geoga Bridge, Gwangan Bridge, Busan Port Bridge, and other sea bridges as well as Yeonan Bridge, Saebyeong Bridge, and other river roads.

— The entrance to the entire Namhae Expressway closed off due to mudslides and flooding and Mandeok Tunnel and Minam Intersection experienced severe congestion.

— More than 5,900 households in Busan lost power including 580 households in Yongho-dong.

— Wind speeds vary from region to region, with Gangseo-gu measuring the highest at 32.2, and other regions averaging 14 to 16 meter per second. Wind speeds over 32.2 meters per second is categorized as storm force in the Beaufort scale, 10 out of 12. Wind speeds over 30 meters per second is enough to have trees uprooted and can bring about considerable structural damage.

— The Busan Fire & Disaster Headquarters also responded to 143 reports related to the typhoon for rescue calls of people stuck in elevators that are out of power, or calls including concerns that some signs might fall off due to strong winds.

— The city of Busan has also evacuated at least 171 people from 103 households from 7 districts and county from dangerous areas, such as flooding, landslides, and old buildings.

— A man’s body believed to be in his 50s washed up along Haeundae Beach near the Grand Hotel at around 1 p.m., though the exact cause of death is not yet known but is said to not be related to the typhoon

BeFM Newshttp://www.befm.or.kr
Listen to Busan's only English radio station at 90.5 FM. News reports at 10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm live.

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