Ulsan Fire Department Received 119 Calls Every 133 Seconds Last Year

Ulsan Fire Department reported a total of 236,052 119 reports including fire, rescue, and emergency services last year, a 3.8% increase from 2020.

This is an average of 647 cases per day, and 1 case every 133 seconds.

There were a total of 68,221 reports of fire, rescue, and ambulance broke down into 43,858 ambulance calls, 17,057 rescue calls, and 7,306 fire calls.

The number of emergency reports increased by 4,042, a 10.2% increase, compared to the previous year, which is analyzed to be related to the increase in the number of reports related to COVID-19.

There were 166,683 non-urgent reports, 75,060 cases including non-response and misconnection, 84,455 cases for information, and 1,168 cases for agency reports.

Of the total reports, by month, 30,370 cases, or12.9%, were received in July, 28,499 cases in August, and 24,248 cases in September

December was the lowest at 13,743 cases per month.

By time, the most reports came between 3 pm to 6 pm, and the least were reported from 3 am to 6 am.

In addition, during the year of last year, there were 12,509 multi-media reports that allow video and text reports, including 6,195 text messages (49.6%), 4,238 videos (33.8%), and other 2,076 cases (16.6%).

“We will activate the reception of multi-media reports such as video calls that can grasp real-time disaster information, and we will do our best to provide better firefighting services to citizens,” Jeong Byung-do, head of the fire department said.

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