Ulsan Migratory Bird Travel Bus Begins Operations

Ulsan City held the ‘Ulsan Migratory Bird Travel Bus Donation Ceremony’ at 2 pm on July 11th at the City Hall Sunshine Plaza.

Groups related to migratory birds such as the Samho Migratory Bird Village Council and Ulsan Ecotourism Promotion Team, which have been taking the lead in inspecting and monitoring migratory birds in Ulsan for many years, changing the awareness of migratory birds and protecting migratory bird habitats, also attended the event.

The event consisted of handing over the donation letter, awarding a plaque of appreciation, taking a commemorative photo, and driving a vehicle.

Korea Zinc CEO Baek Soon-heum said, “As Ulsan is listed on the International Flying Route for the first time on the East Coast, I hope that the Ulsan Migratory Bird Tour Bus will play a small role in helping citizens get closer to birds.”

The Ulsan Migratory Bird Travel Bus (medium-sized electric bus) has been reborn as a riding vehicle tailored to children’s eye level by adjusting the existing 23-seater seats to 16-seater and directing crow and egret characters on the exterior of the vehicle to increase the convenience of travelers.

The interior of the vehicle is equipped with a migratory bird-finding camera, telescope, laptop, and video equipment, and the interior ceiling and window coverings are equipped with paintings of local migratory birds to create an atmosphere of a migratory bird bus and to become a place of constant learning and education.

The number of people for one birding activity is 12, and two natural environment commentators lead the way.

From August, Ulsan City will take the Ulsan Migratory Bird Tour Bus to visit places where many migratory birds such as Taehwa River, Dongcheon, and Namchangcheon come, and Ulsan DM Jet tours areas where citizens are restricted from access, such as water source protection areas and wetland protection areas.

In addition, in consultation with the Ulsan Office of Education, the operation of the Ulsan Migratory Bird Class, which directly visits schools and kindergartens, is under consideration.

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